Do you and your team...

  • Avoid difficult but crucial conversations?
  • Miss the right moment in dealing with difficult employees?
  • Waste time in unproductive meetings?
  • Rehash old ideas instead of exploring true innovation?
  • Disagree on important decisions?

If so, then you could be more productive and less frustrated by engaging in Conversation That Matters.

In organizations, things happen—or don’t happen—because of the conversations we have—or don’t have. When it’s time to address a challenging issue, give tough performance feedback, or introduce a controversial change, many people avoid the conversation or handle it ineffectively, and often at the wrong time. Problems grow, damaging behavior continues, and people are unhappy and unproductive.

How can you have effective and productive communication that addresses inevitable conflicts and supports genuine collaboration? The Conversation That Matters group can support you and your team with:

We lead teams to higher performance by teaching them how to have Conversation That Matters. Our unique approach uses The Conversation Meter to help team members communicate more effectively on every level—especially in high-stakes, high-stress situations.

By engaging in Conversation That Matters, your team will learn to:
  • Uncover and solve problems that others were not initially willing to discuss.
  • Prevent costly mistakes that occur when someone interprets something that was not intended.
  • Make clearer requests that generate the action and support of others.
  • Transform differences of opinion with customers, vendors, and staff into productive conversations that improve rather than damage relationships.
  • Tap into their creative potential to develop great ideas.