Cross-Functional Conversation That Matters

Projects often involve people coming together from varied functions in the organization to meet a vital objective like launching a new product or solving a complex problem. While a team with varied expertise brings balance and complementary skills, the variations of experience and perspectives can also cause misunderstandings and logjams.

We help members of a cross-functional team learn to appreciate each others’ differences and communicate more effectively across functional boundaries. You will be able to identify and resolve conflicts that arise from different agendas and priorities.

Use Cross-Functional Conversation That Matters to enhance a team’s productivity and creativity when launching a new team or to address issues on an existing team. We combine meeting facilitation and training to enhance a team’s capability to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Sample Scenario: New Cross-Functional Team

A new cross-functional team has been assembled to deliver a project that is vital for next year's success. One person has been assigned to "lead" the project, but all team members report to their respective functional leaders. Establishing this team as a true collaboration with a shared commitment to the goal will ensure they hit the ground running and support their ultimate success.

A facilitated team kickoff session can clarify objectives and roles, so the team can be productive quickly. Ongoing teamwork training in Conversation That Matters provides the strong foundation for this team's continued successful collaboration.