Customer Conversation That Matters

It is easy to miss the valuable information that comes from deeply listening to your customers. A long-term, mutually beneficial relationship emerges from Customer Conversation That Matters.

We teach your sales and client-serving staff to listen beneath the surface concerns of your customers and to ask genuinely curious questions to understand your customers.

Use Customer Conversation That Matters training to enhance your organization’s ability to serve its customers and increase sustainable sales. We provide training for sales staff or support with difficult customer situations.

Sample Scenario: Expert Sales Training

The sales force is given some challenging objectives for the quarter to increase sales of an important new product. They are already working hard and don't have extra capacity to expand their time with customers.

We will train the salespeople how to get more out of their time with customers. Instead of focusing on selling more, they will seek to understand more about what is important to the customer. After learning how to listen with more curiosity, ask open ended questions to expand understanding, and effectively uncover and address concerns, the sales people can provide an effective solution which deepens a long term relationship with each customer.