Innovation Conversation That Matters

Team dynamics can either inhibit or enhance idea generation and the delivery of innovation. To foster innovation, team members must be committed to exploring new unfamiliar possibilities and understanding different perspectives. The dynamics of a team’s conversations often determine the team’s ability to innovate.

We will guide your team to release both the personal and group blocks to creativity, with proven techniques to enhance your individual creativity and support the team to develop into a community that invites and fosters innovative ideas.

Use a focused Innovation Conversation session when you need to develop new ideas to address a specific opportunity or challenge, and an ongoing Innovation Conversation program to develop enduring creative capability for yourself and your team.

Sample Scenario: Developing a New Product

You've been given the assignment to develop a breakthrough new product to regain the leadership position in your industry. You have access to financial resources and the commitment of people with varied functional expertise. You want to maximize the team's innovative capacity and generate a genuinely new concept.

We will design a customized Innovation Conversation idea generation session(s) based on your objectives, your industry, and the talents of your team. We will facilitate the session, leading your team through exercises designed to tap into new thinking, generate new ideas, and strengthen ideas to move forward. It will be fun, messy, invigorating, and rewarding. By breaking through typical barriers to innovation, you can avoid rehashing the same old ideas and create something really new.

Sample Scenario: Maintaining Innovative Marketing Programs

You have an existing product that is successful, but you need to find new ways to capture the attention of potential customers and satisfy existing customers. You want new marketing ideas to break through the clutter and generate buzz among your customer base. The problem is your team runs into roadblocks with each other and with management when you try new things.

We will deliver an Innovation Conversation interactive workshop to train your team to recognize and overcome the blocks to innovative thinking. We will practice the skills using your real business issues and ensure that you learn how to continue to apply the skills. To enhance and sustain the learning, we will provide ongoing coaching and consulting to support you as you face new issues.