Meeting Conversation That Matters—
The Meeting That Matters

Too many hours are wasted in meetings, and yet you need to meet to share information, generate possibilities, solve problems, and make decisions with varied people. If you want to have a Meeting that Matters, we can help you clarify objectives, design a productive meeting, and facilitate the meeting in a way that actively engages all participants.

Using Meeting that Matters ensures forward movement on a project and generates meaningful conversation about the real issues at hand. We support you in addressing difficult topics and problematic process or people issues.

We can facilitate a focused Meeting That Matters session to address a specific opportunity or challenge; design a large scale Meeting that Matters to roll out strategies or key information; or provide ongoing support for regular project or team updates so that every meeting is a Meeting that Matters.

Sample Scenario: Regular Staff Meetings

You and your staff meet regularly to share information and make decisions. While you know it's important, you're frustrated because it seems that the agenda gets derailed, you get caught up in minutia, and the really important discussions rarely happen. People often leave the meeting frustrated and confused.

With an interactive training session about Conversation That Matters, your team can learn new skills to manage themselves and the meeting to be more productive and satisfying. We can also help design and facilitate some meetings to model the new skills and provide the team a positive meeting experience.

Sample Scenario: Annual Sales Meeting

Every year your division hosts a Sales Meeting to recognize the previous year's successes and lay out the strategy and objectives for the next year. These meetings are the only opportunity for the entire sales force to come together, and there is a lot of ground to cover in a short time. You are often frustrated to realize that even after learning about the strategy, the sales force does not understand it clearly or implement it faithfully.

We assist you to design the entire meeting experience to maximize learning and engage the sales force in the information. We ensure that there is a balance between information sharing and active application, using adult learning principles to ensure real understanding. We facilitate the meeting so that you can focus on delivering content and making connections. People leave the meeting with a sense of purpose and energy to move forward.